Our Mission

ICTrees is a non-profit organization dedicated to improve the city of Wichita and Sedgwick County area by planting a wide variety of sturdy, long lived trees in our parks, along our streets, on school and other public and private properties.  Trees provide cooling shade, reduce air pollution, reduce water runoff and erosion, add value and enhance the beauty of our homes, businesses, neighborhoods and community.

"Reversing Deforestation is complicated; planting a tree is simple."

Martin O'Malley

Our Impact

Founded in 2015 our volunteer-only organization has already made an impact in our community:

Trees have been planted in and around Wichita, Kansas.


Volunteers have been involved with planting trees in our Community


Donated hours since the beginning of ICTrees.

ICTrees Events Wichita Sedgwick County Kansas Planting Trees
ICTrees Events Wichita Sedgwick County Kansas shovels used to plant trees

Faces of ICTREES

Here are just some of the people that volunteer their time to run the organization:

Barney   Founder Of ICTrees Wichita KS
Barney Barnhard Founder
Bob Neier, Volunteer Of ICTrees
Bob Neier Volunteer
Chris Brandorff, Volunteer Of ICTrees
Chris Brandorff Volunteer
Elizabeth Bishop, Volunteer At ICTrees
Elizabeth Bishop Volunteer
Matthew McKernan, Volunteer At ICTrees
Matthew McKernan Volunteer

Get Involved With ICTrees!

there is something everyone can do to improve our neighborhoods, beautify our city and reap the environmental rewards of trees.

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