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Everyone can help restore the trees in Wichita

You can restore the trees in Wichita by the simple act of planting a tree at your home or volunteering to plant at a planting event. Trees need your help to provide water during the two year establishment period and ICTrees is able to provide trees through the contributions of individuals and corporations that want to make a difference in our community.  We even need spaces to plant trees, so churches, nonprofit corporations, public entities, schools and homeowners associations can request trees for their property.

Literally, there is something everyone can do to improve our neighborhoods, beautify our city and reap the environmental rewards of trees. Check out the ways to get involved.

Ways to Get Involved

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  • Get Involved   Plan A Tree From ICTrees At Your Home Plant A Tree At Home

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can individuals get a tree?

    Yes  – navigate to the “How you Can Help” page and click on Plant a Tree. Follow the instructions and we will send you complete information on how you can get a tree and if any charge is applicable.

  • What kind of trees are available?

    We only plant trees that are on the K-State list of preferred trees for South Central Kansas. And from this list we generally have 10-12 varieties available with trees in this inventory suitable for any location. Our inventory changes every year to maintain a diversity of plantings.

  • How does a tree planting work?

    When an organization or group requests trees the first thing we do is come and visit the site.

    We want to know how the site is used and what your thoughts are. Then we agree on each other’s roles. ICTrees will provide the trees, all necessary supplies and tools to plant. The organization agrees to provide volunteers to plant the trees and commits to a plan to water the trees for two years.

    We then agree on a planting date and time. Next we physically flag the locations of each tree, identifying the variety to be planted at that spot and prepare a site map.

    On the day of the planting we show up an hour or two before the appointed planting time and set out the trees and supplies at each location. We stage the tools and when the volunteers arrive we demonstrate how to plant.

    The volunteers then plant the trees and ICTrees works with the volunteers to see that the trees are properly planted and watered the first time.

    Tools and leftover supplies are gathered up and we celebrate a job well done and the start of a new forest in Wichita.

  • How many trees can our organization get?

    Depending on the size of the site and the arrangements for volunteers to water, we like to plant 25 -100 trees. Many sites could use many more trees than this. We suggest that follow-up plantings be planned two or three later after the organization demonstrates that volunteers are available for watering and care during the establishment phase.

  • Is there any charge?

    No and Yes. ICTrees performs its work because of the donations of its supporters. We purchase our trees from commercial nurseries and have to buy supplies to operate. We never charge a school or public facility. However, we reserve the right to request donations from Churches, Home Owners Associations and others if they have the ability to contribute. This may sound arbitrary and we never want the ability to pay to stand in the way of planting trees. But please recognize that if we charge, the cost is minimal and depends on the trees we have available.